Personal details

I was born in Salzburg in 1974. The medical profession has been a major tradition in my family for several generations. Influenced by this environment, I decided to become a doctor while I was still at school. After obtaining my school-leaving certificate I studied human medicine at the University of Vienna. From 1999 to 2005 I completed my specialist’s training in orthopedics. My points of focus during my training were the following: endoprosthetics, pediatric orthopedics, conservative orthopedics and rehabilitation, rheumatic orthopedics, sports orthopedics, tumor orthopedics, and spinal orthopedics. This diversified training at the University Clinic of Vienna helped me to acquire comprehensive state-of-the-art knowledge. I was able to expand my knowledge in the last few years by numerous stays abroad at leading orthopedic clinics, and by completing a postgraduate course at Danube University Krems. Besides, I completed an additional training course as a sports orthopedist. 


I had several reasons for selecting orthopedics as my field of medical specialization. One of these is the aspect of mobility. As an orthopedist I can help my patients to

  • achieve mobility (for instance in early childhood)
  • preserve mobility (for instance in case of deteriorating chronic symptoms)
  • restore mobility (for instance after an accident)

Especially as a pediatric orthopedist it is a source of great joy and satisfaction to accompany patients from a young age and to observe their progress and advancement, in the very literal sense of the words. 

Multidisciplinary quality

One of my most important concerns is to work with colleagues from the most diverse specialties. Through my work at the University Clinic of Vienna I am networked in the most ideal way – for the benefit of my patients - because many diseases require more than just one type of specialization. The fact that I am networked with colleagues from all medical specialties saves you hours of waiting and commuting, and is also much easier on your nerves. 


Research is a prime element of my self-conception as a medical specialist. During my eighteen months’ leave of absence from the Clinic I was able to devote my time and energy to tissue engineering (tissue construction and cultivation) in the laboratory. I performed basic research in the development of cartilage and meniscus replacement through biological regeneration methods. This knowledge is immensely useful in my work as head of the Outpatient Service for Cartilage Disorders at the Medical University of Vienna. 


February-March 2011: Traveling Fellowship of the Austrian-Swiss-German Fellows (ASG Fellowship). Visited leading academic istitutions in the UK, Canada and USA, organized by the British, Canadian and American Orthopedic Associations
2007–2009: EPOS Stipend for a Pediatric Instructional Course in Pediatric Orthopedics
2007: AFOR Research Stipend
2007  Poster prize at the ICRS World Congress, Warsaw
2007: Poster prize at the GOTS Annual Conference, Munich
2007: Researcher of the Month March 2007- Medical University of Vienna
May-June 2006  GOTS Traveling Fellowship, Japan and Korea