Pediatric and Adolescent Orthopedics

From preventive investigations in newborns to the correction of deformities and leg lengthening – thanks to several years of experience as a pediatric orthopedist and the excellent infrastructure at the University Clinic of Vienna, I can provide your child with the best possible treatment for his/her condition.

Preventive examinations of the musculoskeletal system are especially important in infants, small children and preschool children. Such investigations prevent potential (non-apparent) abnormal development - including its long-term sequelae and limited mobility - from being overlooked.

I accompany many of my young patients for several years in order to react early to developmental changes by providing appropriate treatment measures. In therapy I give special importance to integrating the child’s social environment very intensively into the treatment strategy. This includes, for instance, the school or kindergarten environment. It ensures maximum success of treatment because I have a son myself and know how difficult it is for parents to “manage” their child’s illness in terms of time.

Adolescents constitute a special group of patients. The trend towards fast-paced sports is increasing strain-induced damage in adolescence. Since adolescents are also in a phase of growth, such damage should be given special attention in order to avert long-term sequelae on a timely basis.

If your child has any of the following diseases or needs any of the following investigations, he/she will be in very good hands at my office:

  • Hip ultrasound screening of newborns for hip dysplasia (the 1st week and the 6th to 8th week of the infant’s life)
  • Orthopedic examination according to the “Mutter-Kindpass” (Austrian mother-child medical card) guidelines (4th to 7th week of the infant’s life)
  • Ponseti clubfoot treatment
  • Insoles
  • Scoliosis
  • Hip disorders (Perthes disease, slipped capital femoral epiphysis, hip dysplasia)
  • Leg length discrepancy
  • Deformities of the lower extremity (bow legs, intoeing)
  • Cartilage injuries, osteochondritis dissecans
  • Inflammatory diseases of the joints and bones

Thanks to my work as head of the pediatric orthopedic team at the University Clinic of Vienna, I can also treat complex medical cases at our highly specialized ward for children and adolescents.